The Steel Stud Manufacturers Association announced that its structural and nonstructural products received evaluation report ESR-3064P from ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES). Receiving the ICC-ES evaluation report coupled with ongoing SSMA independent third-party certification program offers the utmost level of confidence to architects, engineers, contractors, specifiers, building officials and others that SSMA products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and I-Code requirements.

“SSMA has a long history of maintaining evaluation reports for its products,” said SSMA Technical Director Rahim Zadeh, P.E. “We are proud that SSMA is the first to receive an ICC-ES evaluation report that complies with the 2012 International Building Code for both structural and nonstructural products.”

In addition to 2012 IBC compliance, the new ESR-3064P report complies with 2010 California and Florida Building Codes. This report replaces the existing legacy report ER-4943P. ICC-ES requires that all legacy reports be converted to ESR reports when technical changes are introduced. The ESR-3064P report is available for download on the SSMA website at