Rockfon’s Frank Larsen, managing director for Central and Eastern Europe and North America, and Chris Marshall, sales director, North America, provided an introduction to Rockfon and its ceiling solutions during a presentation at the 2013 CISCA Convention and Conference on March 20.  Rockfon, a provider of ceiling solutions in Europe since 1962 and a company solely focused on the ceiling market, is now marketing and selling its products in North America.

Larsen shared information about Rockfon and its parent company, Rockwool International, which invented a process for turning basalt into stone wool, the base material used in the manufacturing of ceiling tiles, insulation and other products from Rockwool-owned companies. Chris Marshall explained the unique performance characteristics of Rockfon ceilings based on their stone wool composition. Those benefits can be found in areas such as sound absorption, fire and water resistance, energy efficiency, dimensional stability, sustainability, design options, and ease-of-installation.

The session concluded with Chris Marshall highlighting the markets and applications for Rockfon ceilings and showing a variety of its products for the North American market.

 In February, Rockfon had W&C come to the Netherlands for a meet-and-greet with its staff and to showcase its products at various Amsterdam locations. Look out for W&C’s exclusive interview with the company regarding its views on the market, introductions to the North American market and more.