Isolatek’s passive fire resistive materials in protecting commercial, petrochemical and tunnel projects has led to developing a new site and providing a venue which is market-specific, as well as application-driven for our expanding network of industry partners and customers.

“Visitors to our website view Isolatek as a resource for the latest technology solutions, technical support and specification assistance”, said Kurt Neff, vice president of sales and marketing, Isolatek International. Providing the information in a concise navigation package allows visitors to quickly access these resources in a manner that is mindful of their time and their needs.

Among the many improvements to the new web-based information system are two that stand out. First is the clarification of the regional aspects of the company’s branding. While the technology and the quality of the material the company makes is identical worldwide, the company markets its materials under two brands – CAFCO in the Americas and ISOLATEK in the remainder of the world. Customers, by selecting their respective region, will be guided to the appropriate brand site. Secondly, customers have requested information pertinent to industry-specific sections. The implementation of three distinct sections for Commercial, Petrochemical, and Tunnel applications allows visitors to access information unique to their general areas of interest.

Noteworthy are the 3-D animations and interactive Apps that illustrate and link to detailed information regarding the usage, selection, and application of Isolatek International’s full range of products. Furthermore customers can utilize a Specification Assistance tab which houses a comprehensive library of technical information such as product data sheets, physical properties charts, performance criteria, application guides, MSDS, and instructional videos.

 The website showcases Isolatek International’s innovative new product development efforts and commitment to quality. Utilizing state-of-the-art research and development practices and international manufacturing facilities continues to result in the creation of advanced products enabling Isolatek to provide today’s design professional with a single source authority for answers.