The May product focus features drywall and accessories, including gypsum board, drywall adhesive, and more. 

Low-VOC Drywall Adhesive


The company has released its reformulated low VOC 847 Spray Adhesive nationwide to meet safety regulations. The new formula will reduce VOC content from 55 percent by weight to just 40 percent, in compliance with California Air Resources Board regulations. The new formula has been thoroughly tested to meet the same performance standards you expect of 847 Adhesive Spray. The spray will continue to be pink colored to help identify overspray, and features the unique web spray versus a mist spray, that improves bond strength specifically for corner bead installation. The new formula is distinguished by updated can graphics. For more information, visit


Mixing Paddle


The 3- and 6-inch Mini Mixing paddle for drywall mud, paint, or cement is a great new tool. Drywall installers and painters enjoy having one tool that can be used in any type of gun for fast mixing and stirring. The product is the only mixing paddle that can be used in all drills, and guns due to its hex head shaft with a chamfered ball groove. The tool features a built-in paint can opener built right into the shaft. This makes it a multi-use tool that keeps the tool bag light. The paddles have a durable nylon coating that cleans up easily. For more information, visit


Moisture-/Mold-resistant Panel

USG Corp.

The company has released its lightweight and sustainable 5/8-inch Type X gypsum wallboard with moisture- and mold-resistant properties: USG Sheetrock Brand EcoSmart Panels Mold Tough Firecode X. The panels are manufactured with a reduced carbon footprint and lower water usage. The panels, developed to meet the demand for more sustainable building materials, feature the company’s proprietary lightweight gypsum core technology that contractors prefer, and are the only 5/8-inch Type X moisture- and mold-resistant panels to meet the Architecture 2030 Challenge for Products. Through new gypsum core chemistries and manufacturing processes, the panels use up to 15 percent less water and have up to 11 percent less global warming potential. These panels also reduce transportation fossil fuel consumption because they are lighter weight. For more information, visit


Sound-damping Gypsum Board

National Gypsum Co.

SoundBreak XP Retrofit is a 5/16-inch sound-damping gypsum board with a viscoelastic polymer adhered to the back paper. This high-density material is encased in heavy mold, mildew and moisture-resistant PURPLE face paper. It can be easily installed over an existing interior gypsum board wall where noise from adjacent spaces is a concern. It also provides a thinner wall assembly without sacrificing square footage. As it is manufactured in a controlled environment, versus alternative field application methods, the product is more consistent in quality and performance. For more information, visit


High Yield Adhesive


The company’s Drywall High Yield Adhesive offers the strength, durability and environmental compliance of polyurethane adhesives—while also saving contractors both time and money. The product offers a completely unique and innovative formula that combines the cost savings and speed of foam adhesives with the strength and durability of polyurethane adhesives. It offers gap fill and no shrinking, and can additionally be used to install exterior sheathing to improve blower door test results. The aerosol-delivered formula eliminates screw pops and can be used on both vertical and overhead ceiling surfaces. Plus, it meets every construction adhesive environmental regulation in the country. For more information, visit