Springfield, IL branch recently helped to replace and protect a new concrete plaza surrounding Milner Library at Illinois State University in Normal, IL. The project was put on an aggressive four-month schedule to complete before the winter set in.

The project began in August 2018 with contractors shoring the deck to allow for equipment access. The concrete topping slab and existing waterproofing membrane were then removed for installation of a new waterproofing membrane system underneath.

Western’s crew applied approximately 36,000 square feet of hot-applied waterproofing to the plaza area, which included a layer of primer, waterproofing, reinforcing fabric, waterproofing, protection board and 1-inch insulation. Electronic Field Vector Mapping (EFVM) was used to locate holes or leaks in the new waterproofing membrane so that repairs could be made quickly, and the project could be kept on schedule.

Western also performed masonry work on the plaza, which consisted of removing existing granite stones at the base of Milner Library, as well as two courses of brick above the granite. New waterproofing was applied behind the masonry, along with new stainless-steel flashing. Western crews then reinstalled the granite, along with new brick around the entire perimeter of the building after the new topping slab was poured.

In order to keep the project on schedule, Western also utilized larger crews. The project was completed within budget and on schedule in December 2018. The engineer on the project was SmithGroup.