ECOMAXci Wall Solution is a new continuous insulation solution designed to meet changing fire, air and water building codes in commercial buildings. The new offering has been tested and certified to meet all NFPA 285, ABAA Air Barrier Assembly and ICC-ES Water-Resistive Barrier acceptance criteria. Combining the company’s polyiso thermal insulation board, along with Rmax branded tape and flashing, plus a choice of fiberglass, stone/mineral wool or no cavity fill, the wall solution represents an all-in-one answer to effective, efficient building envelope design.

In addition to satisfying the latest commercial building codes, the product also offers high R-value per inch, achieving up to a 20.3 R-value in a 3 inch nominal thickness. Also, because the wall solution provides continuous insulation, thermal leaks associated with steel wall studs are eliminated, creating a more efficient design at a great economy.