Thermal insulation for drop ceiling


Soniguard is pre-cut, sound-blocking thermal insulation for use with drop ceiling tiles. Placing the product above suspended ceiling tiles will dramatically improve the acoustical performance of any drop ceiling—no matter what type of tile (vinyl, mineral fiber and even tin) is installed. The product is ideal for blocking noise from busy streets, businesses or even within a home. Also, once installed, the product’s 6.0 R-value will help any room feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.


Frame and panel system for ceilings

Hunter Douglas Architectural Products

The Echelon Frame and Panel System combines ease of access to building services with a sophisticated look for ceiling planes. The new system features the thinnest visible grid in the market in combination with the largest selection of mass customizable acoustical ceiling surfaces. Fine extruded lines frame each panel surface and an integrated linear fixture creates a very refined look for the ceiling. In addition, the acoustical panel surfaces carry a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.85 and are up to 4 feet by 4 feet in size. The panels are available in white, but can also be mass customized in any color or textured print, such as woods and leathers.


High light reflectance finish

Ceilings Plus

Blanco Mat is a unique white finish with high light reflectance value of 90 percent to improve lighting efficiency, plus a matte surface to minimize glare on ceiling and wall panels. Its microscopic texture scatters light so surfaces appear more evenly illuminated. It is part of the Ceilings Plus line of Saranté PVC Free laminates on aluminum with high recycled content. Perforation options range from nearly invisible micro-perforations to complex parametric designs.


Decorative ceiling clouds


The Compositions convenient and versatile decorative cloud system allows designers and installers to create ready-to-assemble decorative ceiling clouds that deliver a custom look without the coordination of custom applications. The products feature a virtually seamless trim that enhances the possible variations of shapes and configurations, including rounded rectangles and squares. Components of the package are pre-cut to the requested specifications and expertly packaged and shipped in one convenient box. Installation requires minimal hanger wires and no wires are required at the perimeter. The decorative ceiling clouds are designed to work with a wide variety of USG acoustical ceiling panels.


Curved metal ceiling system

Armstrong World Ind.

 Serpentina Waves is a curved, pre-engineered metal ceiling system that features large-scale panels and no visible grid, is now available in new corrugated panels. The new corrugated panels bring this popular, industrial look to ceilings in the form of a curved metal cloud with a “wave” or “ripple” profile. An ideal way to accent an area, especially in exposed structure or open plenum spaces, the corrugated metal ceiling system imparts a clean, sleek custom look even though it is created with standard ready-to-assemble components. Available in easy-to-specify and install Serpentina Waves kits, the new corrugated panels can be a hill, valley, or hill/valley combination, with either a 30- or 45-degree arc. If none of the kitted options work for a project, other Waves sizes, lengths and arcs can be created using standard Serpentina components.