Kingspan Insulated Panels announces IPN-Nano, an extraordinary high endurance foam insulation material for the building envelope, which is safe, environmentally responsible, and thermally efficient. This high thermal efficiency foam insulation is also the first to be free of halogenated flame retardants. Revising Kingspan’s chemistry was a direct result of their continuous efforts to improve health, safety and functional performance of their products.

IPN-Nano is literally at the core of Kingspan’s insulated metal panel designs, which places it at the heart of the company’s EnvelopeFirst design strategy; the first step towards achieving a net-zero energy building. During the specifying phase of a building’s design, IPN-Nano is “game-changing” as the insulation component of Kingspan’s insulated metal panel products. IPN-Nano foam insulation enables design professionals using Kingspan products to design envelope systems that have a unique combination of unrivaled thermal performance, lifetime durability, resilience and service life.

“Kingspan continues to work with its supply chain to support continuous improvement of the building industry’s environmental and health performance,” said Paul Bertram, Kingspan's director of environment and sustainability. “IPN-Nano is a giant leap towards making more health-minded product decisions.”

Each IPN-Nano equipped panel offers unrivaled environmental benefits:

  • Halogen-free systems with an ozone depletion potential of zero (ZeroODP).
  • Contributes to higher LEED ratings, supported by Environmental Product Declarations and Health Product Declarations.