SmartBatt is a kraft-faced fiberglass batt insulation that contributes to healthier homes and buildings by intelligently managing moisture. The product features MoistureSense technology, which unlike traditional polyethylene vapor barriers, is a smart vapor retarder. It adapts based on moisture levels in the wall cavity, blocking moisture from entering when humidity is low and allowing the wall to breathe when it senses high humidity that needs to be released, helping reduce the potential for mold and mildew growth.

By integrating the MoistureSense kraft-facing onto a high-performance fiberglass batt, the product provides a single solution for complete indoor comfort that can be easily installed in one step. It is ideal for crawlspaces, basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens and exterior walls—any place traditional kraft insulation is typically used. Compared to traditional kraft-faced batt insulation—which has limited permeance—SmartBatt can adapt from almost completely closed during winter months to fully open in the summer, when humidity is at its peak.

The insulation also offers an alternative to the practice of installing a vapor barrier film over unfaced batts, eliminating the need for a two-step installation and saving considerable time and labor costs. It is available in R-values ranging from R-13 to R-38, and with 2/3 less asphalt, is easier to cut and installs just like traditional kraft-faced insulation, requiring no special tools or training.