With only so many working hours in a day, professional contractors and home builders have to make the most of the time they have and stay efficient. Enter QuikStix Total Drywall Framing Solution for ceilings, walls and soffits, a product from Armstrong Residential Ceilings.

“We understand that time is valuable,” says Lori Rowley, marketing manager, Armstrong Residential Ceilings. “QuikStix is a pre-engineered drywall grid system that will save time and money. It’s lightweight, making it easy to handle and stock on the job site. Installation time versus conventional wood framing is cut in half.  Plus, clean-up is quick and easy.”

QuikStix can help eliminate the labor-intensive measuring, cutting, spacing and nailing of wood framing for a new ceiling, soffit or wall installation. Armstrong’s pre-engineered drywall grid system is able to reduce installation time versus conventional wood framing by half, and it also contains a high amount of recycled materials. The QuikStix Total Drywall Framing Solution features a locking track that helps to eliminate measuring and marking while framing tees simply lock into place.

“Saving time and labor equals more profit on the job and more competitive quotes,” explains Mack Maguire, retail sales manager, Armstrong Building Products.

“You get straighter, smoother walls faster with QuikStix,” adds Maguire. “Pre-engineered electrical knockouts in vertical tees eliminate on-site drilling and simplify running wires.  Knurled face and ScrewStop reverse hem ensure safer, easier screw installation.”

Manufactured to meet or exceed ASTM standards and code requirements, QuikStix Total Drywall Framing Solution is available for walls, ceilings and soffits or as drywall perimeter solutions.