By expanding manufacturing facilities into Western Canada, Nudura has continued its commitment to investing in the innovation of new products and the promotion of the building with ICFs. The expansion will help the company communicate the energy efficiency and affordability of building with ICFs.

Numerous high profile projects have helped draw attention to the growing ICF industry. As the future of ICF construction appears bright, Nudura announced the construction of its newest, fully automated facility in Alberta. Along with partners, the company owns and operates more than one-million square feet of manufacturing space throughout Canada and the United States.

 “We are extremely excited about the expansion of our manufacturing facilities into Western Canada,” Murray Snider, the company’s president and CEO said. “Nudura is fortunate to have continued to grow over our 14 years in business and are committed to continuing that well into the future.”

The addition of a state-of-the-art production facility in Coledale, Alberta, strategically positions the company to support and supply a market that continues to adopt the advantages of ICF construction as a viable alternative to traditional construction. The Alberta facility will begin producing products later this year. The need for support professionals will rise exponentially when the plant has reached full capacity (25 million square feet a year).

“We’re excited for the opportunity to supply Western Canada and the North Central and Western United States out of this technically advanced operation,” Snider added. “This expansion will provide customers a more comprehensive service experience and is the next step to an exciting future for Nudura.”