MgO Concrete Board

Forever Board LLC

Foreverboard drywall improves the benefits and performance of magnesium oxide in the production of a board that can be used in the building industry for other purposes besides drywall and exterior sheathing. As an environmentally friendly building material, the board has strength and resistance due to very strong bonds between magnesium and oxygen atoms that form the magnesium oxide molecules (chemical symbol MgO). The product is a proprietary magnesium oxide concrete board that has dramatically reduced the vulnerabilty of drywall to water, fire, insects, mold and mildew. Besides being extremely durable it is environmentally friendly and leaves no carbon footprint.


Fiberglass Mat Panels

G-P Gypsum

DensArmor Plus Interior Panels are designed with the combination of fiberglass mats front and back, with a moisture-resistant core that provides moisture and mold resistance. The company offers a limited warranty against delamination and deterioration for up to 12 months of exposure to normal weather conditions, which means the panels can be hung before installing doors and windows. The product is GreenGuard and GreenGuard Gold Certified for low VOC emissions, GreenGuard listed as microbial-resistant using ASTM D6329 methodology and have scored a 10, the highest level of performance for mold resistance under the ASTM D3273 test method. 


Drywall Joint Knives

Kraft Tool Co.

The company offers a full line of stainless steel drywall knives. Each features a non-rust stainless steel blade and handle with one-piece construction. These tools are ideal for scraping, painting, and drywall applications. They are available in six sizes from 1½ to 10 inch with limber blade options now offered. The contoured handle is comfortable and easy-to-grip. Its features include:

  • Non-Rusting
  • Lightweight and Flexible
  • One-Piece Stainless Steel
  • Rivet-Free Blade


Lightweight, Fire-resistant Board

CertainTeed Gypsum

Up to 30 percent lighter than standard 5/8-inch Type X board, the Easi-Lite 30 features a specially formulated core with a 30-minute fire rating for walls in residential and commercial applications. It can also be used in interior ceilings and is easier to transport, lift, carry and install, reducing muscle strain and fatigue. The product is comprised of up to 99 percent recycled material and is easy to score and snap. Based on its lighter weight, up to 33 percent more product can be shipped on a flatbed, which can help reduce transport and fuel costs.


Bevel Edge Creating Tool

Grabber Construction Products

The PortaMill is the newest addition of the PanelMax panel fabrication system. The power tool has a patented design featuring a diamond wheel to remove the gypsum beneath the paper face, allowing a perfectly customized, recessed edge. The head design also allows efficient dust collection when used with the company’s PanelMax vacuum. The tool comes standard with a molded case, diamond wheel, and wrench for easy blade changing. This drywall tool will be available through Grabber dealers nationwide.


Paperless Cornerbeads


Trim-Tex Mud Set cornerbeads use patented mud lock technology that eliminates the need for paper-faced cornerbeads. The products are 100-percent rigid vinyl. Eliminating paper facing means there is no longer the possibility of mold growth with the additional rigid vinyl benefits of being rust and dent proof. The specifically engineered hole-pattern of Mud Set beads allows excess mud to flow through the bead, allowing it to self-level. An even greater benefit of this new industry technology allows the fill coat to be applied on the same day increasing time savings.


Automated Drywall Corner System

Structus Building Technologies

The new AutoPRO Automated Drywall Corner System uses LevellinePRO flex trim to produce ready-to-install corners with joint compound applied, cut to any length. The product is portable, lightweight and easy to maneuver on any job site. The machine can be mounted on a perry or bench, with an easy-to-use keypad that stores custom measurements and a 5-gallon hopper that is easy to fill, clean and cap for overnight mud storage. It is powered by convenient 110 volts. LevellinePRO offers performance and durability, in a 3¾ inch width. Used with the AutoPRO system, the 250-foot roll replaces the need to inventory pre-cut sticks.


Metal Cornerbead

Phillips Manufacturing

The company serves as the exclusive producer of klinchSTIK metal cornerbead, which features a grey galvanized surface coating and deeply knurled mud anchors for perfect mud adhesion. The product is installed using standard industry practice with drywall nails, staples, screws or with a clinching tool.


Water-activated Bead

Strait-Flex International

Wet-Stick is a water-activated glue-on cornerbead. Requiring only water to apply, the product installs quickly without any fasteners (screws, nails, staples) and doesn’t require a carpenter to install. The product overcomes issues of edge-cracking, rust, paint-chipping and dents typical of metal cornerbeads. The product’s composition gives it the strength for high-traffic areas; and is also well-matched with high-abuse drywall. The oval-slot design on its edges gives it strong bonding, minimal delayed shrinkage and faster drying times.


Mold-resistant Glass-mat Panel


Moisture and mold resistant, Sheetrock Glass-Mat Panels Mold Tough are ideal for new construction or renovation projects. The panels feature a non-combustible moisture and mold resistant gypsum core encased in an inorganic fiberglass mat that sheds water and has tapered edges for easy finishing. The panels are optimal in the pre dry-in (a.k.a. “pre-rock”) application of wallboard before the building envelope is enclosed, and can be used in protected exterior soffit applications. The 5/8-inch Firecode X panels are UL classified for fire resistance. The panels easily score and snap, allowing a quick and easy installation with no sawing or special tools required.


Soundproofing Drywall

Pabco Gypsum Co.

QuietRock ES with EZ-SNAP technology is noise-reducing drywall that truly scores and snaps. The board has no paper or metal inside the panel yet delivers strong acoustical results. The Quiet “solution” is a complete system with QuietRock, QuietSeal Pro and QuietPutty.