ROCKFON Infinity Perimeter Trim integrates with standard suspension systems and other ceiling systems to create smooth transitions, distortion-free projections and free-floating clouds.

“Ideal for hospitals, retail, airports, hospitality, offices and schools, Rockfon Infinity Perimeter Trim offers infinite design possibilities. Ceilings can be transformed with soaring heights, imaginative shapes and faux skylines,” said Cory Nevins, ROCKFON’s director of marketing for North America. “Easy to install, this perimeter trim saves time and labor on the job site helping keep projects on schedule and on budget.”

Rockfon Infinity Perimeter Trim products include:

  • Rockfon Infinity Standard with straight lengths from 2 to 12 feet;
  • Rockfon Infinity QuickShip with stocked straight panels in 2-, 4- and 6-inch heights for immediate shipment;
  • Rockfon Infinity Engineered with factory-sized, curved and mitered to meet specific project requirements;
  • Rockfon InfinityR with factory-engineered components that feature an integral, continuous reveal;
  • Rockfon InfinityZ Razor edge with the ability to give a ceiling the appearance of being zero-depth;
  • Rockfon Infinity Paired with back-to-back applications for visual details including double-sided circles, snakes and arcs; and
  • Rockfon InfinityD, a factory-engineered alternative to built-up drywall framing that accepts standard 5/8-inch gypsum panels, with grooved and primed taping flanges ready for joint finishing and painting.

Supporting projects’ environmental goals, the extruded aluminum used in Rockfon Infinity Perimeter Trim may be specified with a high-recycled material content and is 100 percent locally recyclable. The metal contains no organic compounds to support mold and microbial growth.

Assisting with design and installation details, ROCKFON offers LEED and “Buy American” documentation, three-part specifications, CAD drawings, project case studies and other resources at