Water-based Acrylic Finish

Sto Corp.

Stolit Milano is a very fine, workable finish for interior or exterior wall surfaces. The product offers ease of application with a wide range of decorative looks. The water-based acrylic finish is highly breathable, mildew resistant and can also be top coated to provide additional surface protection. It can be custom tinted to a wide selection of colors, and will provide a longer lasting and more uniform look to the surface. For more information, visit www.sto.com.


Short-flange Corner Aid

Stockton Products

The company offers its galvanized Short Flange welded-wire Corneraid with a plastic nose. This is the standard Stockton’s Short Flange corner but with an added high impact, non-rusting plastic nose for use in high humidity/salt air environments. The product offers one standard 2½-inch leg and one 1½-inch leg for use at window/door returns or any condition where a short flange stop is needed. The PVC bonds well with acrylic finishes and the plastic nose also acts as a depth guide to help maintain the proper embedment depth. The product is also available in stainless steel. For more information, visit www.stocktonproducts.com.


Liquid-applied Barrier for EIFS


Speed Coat is an integral component to the company’s DDARS Speed Coat water-managed EIFS system designed to reduce labor cost while increasing productivity on the wall. The product’s technology combines the liquid-applied air/moisture barrier and the EPS adhesive into one product creating a high performance weather resistive coating/adhesive. This breathable coating has been engineered to span seams and cracks in approved substrates up to 1/16-inch, has a perm rating of 5.6 with an elongation of 127 percent. For more information, visit www.decoplast.com.


Fiber Base Coat


Fiber Base Coat is dry, premixed cement-based stucco engineered using a proprietary formula that’s computer batched for consistency and performance superior to field mixed stucco. The stucco is a code-approved product that starts with a specially blended ASTM C897 sand gradation that increases the wall’s flexural strength while reducing cracking and crazing. Designed for both one coat and traditional scratch and brown wall systems, the product is proven to reduce product shrinkage that increases long-term durability. Whether gun or hand-applied, the stucco is approved by the ICC as a one-hour fire rated wall in one coat applications. For more information, visit www.specmix.com.


Air- and Water-resistive Barrier

Dryvit Systems Inc.

This new iteration of the Backstop NT product allows applicators to apply an air- and water-resistive barrier by using an airless sprayer, which can save time and money. Applicators can now apply Backstop NT by trowel, roller, texture sprayer and airless sprayer. The product meets the requirements of IECC 2012 and is listed with the Air Barrier Association of America. It can be used in both commercial and residential projects under almost all cladding systems and is specifically engineered to be versatile and easy to apply. Once Backstop NT is applied and fully cured, it can be left exposed to the elements for up to 30 days. For more information, visit www.dryvit.com.