Portable Stucco Pump

Graco Inc.

The ToughTek S340e Pumps use piston pump technology to deliver abrasive stucco and EIFS materials with a smooth, steady flow. For EIFS applications, the ToughTek S340e Stucco Pump handles air/water-resistive barrier materials, EIFS basecoats and finish coats. For stucco applications, the unit handles scratch coats, brown coats and finish coats. The piston pump design easily handles abrasive material, leading to minimal maintenance downtime and minimal wear part replacement expenses. It is a superior, time-saving alternative to manual troweling, as it speeds up the process by spraying and finish-troweling materials instead of using the traditional hawk and trowel method. The product plugs into a standard 120V wall outlet. For more information, visit graco.com.


No VOC Colorants

Parex USA

The company offers a colorant technology that is compliant with the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s new ruling for VOC limits of tinted exterior coatings and finishes. The NO VOC Colorant line will have 11 environmentally-friendly colors that will provide optimal performance and greater color consistency. The colorants are already being implemented into all Parex USA acrylic and elastomeric base products, as well as color bottles, at the company’s California plants. Notable features include:

  • Environmentally friendly colorants with zero VOC (<1 g/l)
  • Developed to work with all Parex USA base materials including acrylic and elastomeric products
  • Compliant with California’s new VOC regulations per SCAQMD Rule 1113
  • Convenient packaging
  • Ability to continue offering limitless color options
  • Optimum performance and stability


Mechanical Fasteners for EIFS

Demand Products

Designed from the ground up to make EIFS installers lives easy, the Depth Stop 2.0 fits any drill and the all-metal construction means it’s built to last. One of the biggest challenges installers face is driving mechanical fasteners to the correct depth on EPS panels. This simple step is critical to the overall success of the cladding system. Now one can set every single fastener to the correct depth each and every time, eliminating overdrive issues. For more information, visit demandproducts.com.


CI Exterior Wall System

Dow Building Solutions

THERMAX Wall System has a 4.0 mil foil facer that provides builders with more durability for long-term performance. With a 4-mil embossed exterior foil facer, this solution provides builders with more durability for long-term performance. The CI is also the only insulation with a dark exterior facer optimized to go behind rainscreen exteriors. It is engineered with fiberglass reinforced core for enhanced fire performance and a stronger, straighter board. When used as part of the THERMAX Wall System, the thermosetcoated aluminum facer provides a drainage plane, WRB and exterior sheathing. As a UV stable material, the product can remain uncovered up to six months. With its low perm rating and high insulating value, the system reduces the potential for condensation within the wall assembly. For information, visit building.dow.com.


Liquid Flashing Membrane

BASF Construction Chemicals

MaxFlash liquid flashing membrane is a one-component elastomeric material for use as a flexible waterproof flashing membrane at rough openings. It can also be used to prepare sheathing joints for subsequent application of air/water-resistive barrier membranes or for use with water-resistive gypsum sheathing. The product is compatible with damp substrates and can withstand immediate rainfall. Because the product cures quickly, it allows contractors to install windows within hours of application. This makes it ideal for new construction and restoration projects, which involve flashing rough openings. The product can be used on its own or as part of an EIFS or insulated stucco system. For more information, visit basf.com.


Exterior Wall System

Sto Corp.

StoTherm ci XPS is a fully-tested, highly energy-efficient continuous insulation system providing superior air and water tightness and long-lasting thermal performance and durability. The system incorporates StoGuard fluid-applied air and moisture barrier and Dow Styrofoam Panel Core 20 Insulation, which provides exceptional thermal performance with an R-value of 5.0 per 1-inch. This high-performance wall system helps lower energy costs and reduces the carbon footprint of buildings. The product offers unmatched aesthetic choices due to a wide range of decorative and protective finishes available in many colors.  For more information, visit stocorp.com.


Basecoat Stucco Pump Grade


The company’s Basecoat Stucco—Pump Grade is a flowable, high workability plaster particularly designed for spray applications. It is a fiber reinforced Portland cement-based stucco, designed to be used as the scratch and/or brown coat in a three-coat stucco application, or the first coat in a two-coat application. The high quality pre-blended stucco meets industry specifications but is an economical and consistent alternative to traditional field or concentrate mixed stucco products. In addition, spray-applying the Pump Grade in 3,000-pound bulk bags from a silo system enhances the productivity and reduces labor costs on job sites. For more information, visit quikrete.com.


Acrylic Finish

Imasco Minerals

The company has introduced a new acrylic finish for stucco and EIFS, Evolution Medium. Designed to provide a unique texture at a competitive price, this product will help contractors meet the needs of the project while delivering an attractive finished appearance.
The finish is backed by Imasco Minerals’ commitment to quality and extensive warranty programs. For more information, visit imascominerals.com.