Basecoat Stucco Pump Grade


The company’s Basecoat Stucco—Pump Grade is a flowable, high workability plaster particularly designed for spray applications. It is a fiber reinforced Portland cement-based stucco, designed to be used as the scratch and/or brown coat in a three-coat stucco application, or the first coat in a two-coat application. The high quality pre-blended stucco meets industry specifications but is an economical and consistent alternative to traditional field or concentrate mixed stucco products. In addition, spray-applying the Pump Grade in 3,000-pound bulk bags from a silo system enhances the productivity and reduces labor costs on job sites. For more information, visit


Polyurethane Foam Adhesive

Demand Products

Pro-Lok is a fast cure, low expansion, polyurethane foam adhesive. It’s ideal for filling gaps up to 3 inches and due to its low expansion characteristics will not bow window or door frames. The product has 30 percent greater adhesion and will hold tight to multiple substrates. Such flexibility allows for many uses in general construction like bonding foam to foam, foam to wood, or foam to metal.  When used correctly, it even bonds to glass, mosaic, brick and cement board. The adhesive is available in all varieties of kits and a free FGun2 applicator gun is included with the purchase of a case of 12 cans. For more information, visit


High Performance Exterior Cladding

BASF Wall Systems

Platinum CI is a high performance exterior cladding solution to comply with the newest energy code. The company’s Wall Systems business recently launched this system featuring Neopor Rigid Insulation Board. Neopor insulation incorporates graphite to increase its R-value by reflecting infrared energy. The specially selected, high density (1.45 pcf) insulation optimizes thermal performance and improves impact resistance that meets or exceeds ASTM C578 Type II requirements. The boards are available in R-5, R-7.5 and R-10 thermal resistance for ease of design and energy code compliance. For more information, visit


Decorative and Protective Wall Finish

Sto Corp.

The company has introduced Stolit Milano, a very fine, workable finish for interior or exterior wall surfaces. The finish offers ease of application with a wide range of decorative looks. The trowel-applied product yields more coverage than comparable products on the market. In just two coats, this finish can achieve multiple decorative looks—from a fine texture to the industrial feel of ultra-smooth metallic panels. The water-based acrylic finish is highly breathable, mildew resistant and can also be top coated to provide additional surface protection. It can be custom tinted to a wide selection of colors, and will provide a longer lasting and more uniform look to the surface. Visit for more information.


Elastomeric Acrylic Finish


The company’s Breathable Elastomeric Acrylic Finish provides extreme crack bridging abilities in a durable, color-integrated protective membrane that resists fading, dirt pick-up and lasts for decades. The industry’s highest levels of pure acrylic polymer offer unmatched resistance to surface cracking. The finish comes in unlimited color selection in four distinct aggregate choices: Fine, Sand, Modified and Putz. For more information, visit


Basecoat and Adhesive

Parex USA

Parex 121 Cool Base is a premium white EIFS basecoat and adhesive. Its formulation allows the surface of the basecoat to remain up to 30 percent cooler than traditional EIFS basecoats. The cooler surface temperature and reduced surface suction promote easier application of the finish. And, because it’s a white basecoat, the product can eliminate the need for a primer under lighter colors. It is designed to be used in hot weather. For more information, visit


Seamless Liquid-applied Barrier


Engineered for the strongest performance, Backstop NT is an ideal, seamless air- and water-resistive, polymer-based barrier to protect substrates in EIFS wall assemblies, as well as virtually all other wall configurations. Easy to trowel on, roll on or spray on, the product provides tough substrate protection vs. building papers, sheet goods and “peel-and-stick” rubber membranes. It also makes the building ASHRAE code compliant. Ideal for all climate zones and continuous insulation configurations. Visit to learn more or contact a local company distributor.


Acrylic Finish

Imasco Minerals

The company has introduced a new acrylic finish for stucco and EIFS, Evolution Medium. Designed to provide a unique texture at a competitive price, this product will help contractors meet the needs of the project while delivering an attractive finished appearance. The finish is backed by Imasco Minerals’ commitment to quality and extensive warranty programs. For more information, visit


Waterproofing Membrane

MFM Building Products

 The FutureFlash Waterproofing System provides technology to battle against moisture damage around windows and doors. The product is a patented, prefabricated waterproofing membrane designed for use around windows, doors, under stucco and other exterior wall systems. It is composed of two high-performance films with a core of specially formulated rubberized asphalt. The product is available in both 25 mil and 40 mil thickness. FutureFlash Sealant is a high quality polyurethane caulk that adheres to wood, vinyl and metal windows. It delivers superior attachment characteristics across a wider temperature range than other competitive products. For information, visit