In elementary school, recess and lunch are the top highlights of the day. From a game of tag during playtime, to chats about cartoons, sandwich swapping and more, students look forward to the opportunity to unwind and refuel in the lunchroom. Unfortunately at Sunbeam Elementary, a dreary atmosphere in its cafeteria makes the children less than enthused about lunch. To help inspire this school and its kids, FrogTape brand painter’s tape will sponsor a $10,000 lunchroom transformation as part of the second annual Love for the Lunchroom cafeteria makeover program.

In May 2014, FrogTape invited the public to vote online and choose between three Cleveland, Ohio schools in-need, allowing them to select the location of the 2015 lunchroom makeover. Each school shared their story and why they were most in need of a cafeteria update. After tallying hundreds of votes, FrogTape is excited to work with its design and construction partners to update Sunbeam’s cafeteria in January.

“After seeing the cheers and gasps at the reveal of last year’s Love for the Lunchroom makeover, we knew we had to continue this program to provide another awe-inspiring space for a deserving school,” said Bill Kahl, executive vice president of marketing, ShurTech Brands LLC. “At ShurTech, we create a variety of home improvement products and wanted to offer our resources to help give back to the Cleveland community near our corporate headquarters. We’re elated to work with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District again, this time to update Sunbeam Elementary with a new lunchroom design.”

Sunbeam Elementary School was built in 1921 and its cafeteria hasn’t received a major update in quite some time. The school has 260 students, which includes a large population of orthopedically handicapped children. To help best accommodate the special needs of their scholars, Sunbeam has a therapy pool, wheelchair access ramps and other special construction throughout the school. The lunchroom makeover will also reflect the needs of the diverse student base of the school, and be equipped with similar amenities to create a one-of-a-kind cafeteria that all of the students can to enjoy.

Work on Sunbeam’s cafeteria will take place throughout the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. Construction will kick off on Saturday, and when Sunbeam students return to school from the extended weekend on Tuesday, January 20, they’ll be greeted with a brand new cafeteria. To ensure that the cafeteria is completed in time, FrogTape is bringing in two experts who are accustomed to tight renovation deadlines. FrogTape spokesperson and Food Network’s “Restaurant: Impossible” construction manager Tom Bury and FrogTape spokesperson and accomplished interior designer and DIY television host Taniya Nayak will lead the makeover plans for Sunbeam with help from community volunteers.

“We have major plans for Sunbeam’s cafeteria, and we’re happy to bring in Taniya Nayak and Tom Bury who spearheaded the cafeteria makeover last year,” added Kahl. “They’re both extremely talented and share our enthusiasm for giving back to the community. Their expertise will undoubtedly bring big smiles to the students’ faces when their new lunchroom is unveiled in a few short months.”

The full FrogTape family of products will be used to beautify Sunbeam’s lunchroom. The painter’s tapes are all treated with patented PaintBlock Technology, which seals the edges of the tape preventing paint bleed to deliver crisp, sharp lines. The tapes include FrogTape Multi-Surface, FrogTape Delicate Surface, FrogTape Textured Surface and FrogTape Shape Tape, the brand’s first painter’s tape cut into unique patterns for the ultimate personalization.

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