Multifunction Tape Measure

Swanson Tool

The ProScribe tape measure features a patented innovative, retractable scribe guide and centering pin to help contactors’ measure and mark to cut lengths and radiuses. The tool integrates several valuable marking functions, including the compass-like ability to measure and scribe circles, as well as the chalk-line-accuracy to measure and mark/score straight lines. The retractable, 1½-inch rigid scribe guide allows contractors to transfer a specific measurement by sliding the guide along the edge of a board or drywall sheet, while the reinforced tip is used to mark the work piece. Users can also easily position a case knife or carpenter’s pencil against the tape’s metal tip to cut/score or mark the desired width. Visit for more info.


Laser Layout

Trimble/Spectra Precision

The QML800 QuickMark Layout automates the layout of interior points and walls. The tool allows drywall and interior contractors to quickly and efficiently lay out points for interior building construction. Two lasers create a bright visible “X” directly on the point for easy, quick marking. The lasers are controlled by the mobile application running on an Android tablet that stores the point files. When a point is selected, the lasers position the “X” at that point in less than 5 seconds. For brightest conditions, a laser pointer accessory easily aids in finding the laser beams. For more information, visit


Podium Ladder with Casters

Werner Ladder

The latest category of Podium Ladders allows workers to face any direction will soon be available with factory-installed casters. The wheel casters are spring loaded to deactivate automatically when the ladder is in use. With an extra-large platform, 36-inch high-extended guardrail and Locktop to hold tools and accessories, it feels like you are standing on the ground. The Podium allows contractors to safely and comfortably access the job at hand. And now, with the addition of casters, the ladder is easy to move around the jobsite to further improve productivity. For further information, visit


Interior/Exterior Plaster

Vella Venetian Plaster Systems

The company is producing a line for exterior application. Vella Fino is one of the smoothest finishes available. The product can be applied with uniform colors or can achieve modeling by utilizing the company’s simple stain sealer. This product has a strong open time for water troweling but also sets fast enough for a two coat, one-day application. For more information, visit


Rafter Angle Square

Johnson Level & Tool

Based on the popularity of the company’s 7-inch Johnny Square rafter angle square, the Big J 12-inch version features the EZ Read laser-etched graduations that won’t rub off. The application of the rafter angle square is measurement versatility, which is critical to increasing job speed when measuring and marking boards. For big jobs, the square gives the professional precise 1/8-inch graduations from 1 to 9 inches, while the 7-inch version is the workhorse for framers making rip cuts at any width up to a 2x6 board, which is something all other competitive squares cannot do. More information can be found at