Nudo Products Inc. announced its acquisition of Marlite Inc. Headquartered in Dover, Ohio, Marlite is known in the architectural community for designing, developing and manufacturing advanced panel solutions for interior spaces in a variety of market segments, with sales primarily in the United States and Canada.

Marlite’s strong positioning with retail and national chain accounts complements Nudo’s strengths in laminated panels and commercial building products. Together, the combined companies become the unparalleled leader in both decorative and functional solutions for architectural wall and ceiling applications. Capitalizing on the best practices, experienced teams and extensive distribution networks of the respective organizations, each company’s customers will benefit through enhanced product and service offerings.

“While Marlite and Nudo both manufacture and distribute wall and ceiling panels in the building and construction industry, each company has unique markets and strengths. It will be our objective to maintain and enhance the positioning of each company with their customers, while providing continued career opportunities for the valued employees of both companies. It is a unique opportunity to take two of the leading brands in the building and construction market and build upon each company’s strengths” said Nudo CEO Darryl Rosser. “We welcome the knowledgeable and dedicated Marlite team members to Nudo and look forward to the exciting outcomes that this acquisition will yield.”

“Marlite values the relationships it has developed with its employees and customers over the years,” said John Popa, president and CEO of Marlite. “We are excited to enter into this new relationship with Nudo and bring our teams together to provide more advanced levels of product selection, service and solutions to our customers, while providing opportunities for growth.”