Helping improve acoustics in open-plan offices and other commercial interiors, ROCKFON enhances the high sound absorbing performance of Rockfon Sonar stone wool ceiling panels to achieve Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC) as high as 0.95. Now available in a wider range of standard sizes, styles and formats, Rockfon Sonar ceiling panels contribute to commercial projects’ creative designs, industry-leading performance and sustainability goals.
ROCKFON’s acoustics specialist, Gary Madaras, Ph.D., ASA, INCE, Assoc. AIA, explains, “High sound absorption helps control the ambient noise levels and prevents excessive reverb. This increases speech intelligibility, improves concentration and mitigates the ‘Lombard effect’ where people speak louder and louder to make themselves heard when trying to talk in noisy environments.”
High-performing absorptive ceiling panels of NRC 0.95 can improve the acoustic experience in open-plan offices, classrooms, retail shops, health care patient recovery areas, as well as in multifunctional rooms, corridors, meeting rooms, lobbies and reception areas. In addition to the benefits associated with 0.95 NRC, Rockfon Sonar’s Articulation Class (AC) rating of 190 supports speech privacy, such as for conversations in human resource departments and medical clinics with partial height walls.

Along with high acoustic performance, the panels’ lightly textured white surface delivers high light reflectance (0.85 LR) to maximize daylighting and dimensional stability at up to 100 percent relative humidity. Contributing to buildings’ environmental goals, ROCKFON’s extensive portfolio of stone wool acoustic ceiling solutions has earned UL Environment’s GREENGUARD Gold Certification for low-emitting products.

Easily installed in standard 9/16-inch and 15/16-inch ceiling suspension systems or directly applied to a sound-reflecting surface, Rockfon Sonar 1-inch-thick stone wool panels are available in 2-foot to 8-foot lengths and up to 4-foot widths, including plank sizes. These panels’ edge designations include: square lay-in, square tegular narrow, angled tegular, direct mount, shiplap, semi-concealed, and fully concealed options. Providing low maintenance and long-term durability, ROCKFON products supplied in North America are supported with a 30-year warranty.