Sereno Fine Fissured, a robust line of acoustic ceilings, brings quiet, calm and comfort to commercial spaces. CertainTeed’s newly released Sereno Fine Fissured High NRC/CAC provides superior performance in both workability and acoustics. With the introduction of Sereno Fine Fissured, CertainTeed Ceilings now offers an entire spectrum of fine fissured mineral fiber acoustical solutions. 

“The new Sereno Fine Fissured panel represents our continued commitment to making improvements in the ceilings marketplace for increased sound absorption,” says Kelly Hicks, panel product manager for CertainTeed’s ceilings business. “This new high performance ceilings panel offers a smart substitution, as it gives contractors an advantage with cleaner cutting and rabbeting for faster installation, while meeting high acoustical standards for classrooms and other spaces that require complete acoustical performance.”

Faster Installation 
Sereno Fine Fissured improves efficiency, requiring up to 20 percent fewer knife passes per cut than competitors’ standard boards and up to 37 percent fewer passes than competitive fire-rated boards. Each cut results in a smoother, cleaner finish with minimal dust. Its 100 percent non-directional fissure pattern further contributes to its quick and efficient installation process. 

Superior Acoustics 
Workability is not the only notable feature of Sereno Fine Fissured. It has superior acoustical combination providing high in-room sound absorption with room-to-room sound blocking capabilities for privacy, making it ideal for education and office environments. With a rating of .75 NRC/40+ CAC, Sereno Fine Fissured out-performs comparable ceiling products in Noise Reduction Coefficient and Ceiling Attenuation Class and exceeds recommended acoustic ratings for classroom use.

CertainTeed Ceilings’ Sereno Fine Fissured product line utilizes 70 percent pre-consumer recycled content and is available in white with six different combinations of size and edge detail, including trim, reveal and narrow reveal. The Fine Fissured line now represents three distinct performance levels in this popular look, allowing facilities to create the optimum balance of acoustic performance and cost-efficiency while maintaining a consistent aesthetic. 

Sereno Fine Fissured complies with LEED v4 for K-12 school classroom acoustics prerequisite. All of CertainTeed Ceilings Fine Fissured products are certified compliant for VOC emissions per the California Department of Public Health and are backed by HPDs and third party verified EPDs.

To see Sereno in action, visit YouTube