All design teams face several challenges with each new project. If a structure is urgently needed to be operational, the challenge is to create a critical path that will quickly enclose the building envelope. When an owner’s top priorities are appearance, thermal efficiency, and cost, the design must include elements that can ensure a high R-value, meet budget demand, but also provide impressive aesthetics.


The KarrierPanel barrier wall system is increasingly specified as a favored option to conventional building enclosure systems. Modern designers appreciate the value of the rapid enclosure schedule the product wall system offers due to its single component construction.The construction process is thus quickened because a single contractor can provide a warrantable enclosure for the building envelope.

Among the advantages of using the KarrierPanel wall system is the increased speed of build that quickly achieves a weather tight enclosure. It also offers unlimited possibilities for rain screen cladding installed as a screening outboard of the enclosure panel system. By selecting this product, installation of a building envelope is not impeded by UV degradation, temperature fluctuations, or inclement weather. It is suitable for all building types in any climate, combine the thermal benefits of lightweight insulated metal panels with the pleasing aesthetics of multiple façade styles.

The product is a time efficient alternative to standard multi-component wall systems. It allows a structure to be quickly insulated to ensure air and water-tightness. Once installed, this system provides excellent building envelope performance with a high R-value, and airtightness with an air, water, and vapor barrier. This allows energy cost savings of as much as 30 percent over traditional multi part built-up barrier wall systems.

This product can also greatly reduce build time, which lowers construction costs to building owners. The system components arrive pre-fabricated at the jobsite ready to be installed. Tilt-up, precast, or block cladding usually require cranes and other heavy equipment to be set in place. Because it is often installed with lifts or even a simple pulley system, some labor expenses are eliminated.

All of these features can be appreciated for the practical utilitarian positives they bring to a structure. But KarrierPanels also have a very modern appearance and give a building an impressive aesthetic appeal.

Hidden Beauty of KarrierRail

Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the beholder. However, even if hidden from sight, it remains a thing of beauty. KarrierRail, the integrated rail designed by Kingspan to integrate with KarrierPanels, is not visible when the project is complete. However, it’s a very stable and secure structural rail system upon which the façade cladding can be hung. KarrierRail safely transmits positive and negative loads from the façade cladding to the structural supports behind insulated metal panels.

Its installation can be achieved quickly and easily. Through the use of conventional panel fasteners, the product is attached through standard panel installation and later secured in a one-step procedure. Expansion fasteners-secure the exposed rail edge and ensure that the system safely handles positive and negative loads.

The product barrier wall system is now recognized as one of the best enclosure options available today. In the future, it will increasingly be specified as the barrier wall on commercial buildings. The durable panels also reduce operational costs for energy and maintenance and offer multiple end-of-life reuse options. One final and decisive factor for specifying this wall system is that these commercial wall elements last as long as the standard service life of a commercial building.

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