Drywall contractors can generate accurate quotes and material lists on the fly thanks to the new Third Arm Quotes app offered by CertainTeed Gypsum. The new easy-to-use tool was designed by drywall contractors for drywall contractors and cuts the time it takes to estimate a job in half, while automatically filing the job information so it is ready when and where it is needed. This means drywallers can now quote more jobs, which provides opportunity for them to win more jobs, too. Once awarded, jobs are also easier to track thanks to the app.

The new app works with all iOS devices and can be quickly downloaded from iTunes. Once downloaded, the digital quote manager can take a drywall contractor easily and quickly through each step of the job management process.

The app was created by veteran drywaller Pete Wilson, owner of PR Wilson Interiors of Victoria, British Columbia, who is partnering with CertainTeed in order to help other contractors work more efficiently.

“Originally I developed this app so I could streamline my own business, but then I realized I could use it to help others in the industry work more efficiently, too,” said Wilson. “I use it everyday and find it to be extraordinarily handy. I particularly appreciate its connectivity to iCloud, which enables me to access job details from any device. I don’t have to have my iPad with me all the time. This means if I am awarded a job onsite, I can open the app right then and there in my phone, connect with my suppliers, and start the job the next day.”  

The completely customizable digital quote manager eliminates the need for contractors to go back to the office to push paperwork for quotes and material lists as these essential tasks can now be taken care of from anywhere at any time. Within Third Arm Quotes, contractors can create appointments as well as upload customer details including name, phone number, jobsite address, even driving directions to the job site. Notably, the tool can create an accurate materials list, which in turn can be emailed to suppliers, along with specific delivery instructions. The app can also help manage subcontractor schedules. In addition, the intuitively designed Third Arm Quotes utilizes iCloud technology so data entered into the app can be accessed across multiple devices.

“The new Third Arm Quotes manager is a truly useful app that takes all the stress out of pricing a job. In fact, it is so easy to use and accessible that it enables contractors to price twice as many jobs in the same amount of time. The more jobs priced, the more jobs won. It’s as simple as that, and I think our customers will agree it’s a valuable resource for their business,” said Stephen Reynolds, contractor programs and finishing business development manager for CertainTeed Gypsum.

CertainTeed customers are invited to try the app at no charge for 30 days. Learn more at www.thirdarmquotes.com. Or stop by CertainTeed booth #412 at JLC Live to view the app, this Friday and Saturday, March 20 – 21, in Providence, R.I.