Paradigm Properties challenged themselves to create a highly energy efficient and enduring mixed-use project in Eugene’s university district called “The Patterson.” To achieve these ambitious goals, the project’s architect, general contractor, and consulting engineering firm turned to Fortifiber Building Systems Group.

A seven-story mixed-use building located at the gateway to the university district, The Patterson’s amenities include ground floor retail and five levels of upscale student housing.

According to Dustrud Architecture’s Paul Dustrud, the project’s modern design uses durable, high-quality materials, upgraded windows and exterior siding coupled with a “robust waterproofing system” to achieve Paradigm’s goal of “a building that has a longer life expectancy than the usual 50-year life span of buildings built in the United States today. Here in Eugene, where we get over 50 inches of rain per year, protecting our buildings from water intrusion is critical.”

“The Patterson’s owner group is committed to quality,” says Dustrud. “That is one reason why this siding and weatherproofing system was chosen.”

Eugene-based Essex General Construction, The Patterson’s general contractor, turned to Portland-based Alliance Project Engineers and Construction Consultants to detail all elements of the cladding and secondary weather protection.

The Northwest’s newest project engineering and construction consulting firm, Alliance’s building envelope design team constructed and tested full-scale mockups of exterior details onsite and conducted monthly site inspections.

“The greatest benefit to using a [manufacturer’s] weatherproofing system is the integration where all products are compatible, exponentially increasing the expected useful life of any of our projects. Our specialty is building envelope consulting and the coverage of each product, in conjunction with the others allows for water-tight walls, windows, and doors, as well as proper moisture egress,” said Zach Gollier, PE, principal with Alliance.

The Patterson was pre-wrapped with a commerical weather barrier; and flashings were installed at rough openings and in conjunction with corner moisture control systems at window sills. Sealant was installed in appropriate joints and along the window nailing flange. By using the complete weatherization system, the building qualified for the 10-year warranty.

“Alliance Project Engineers and Construction Consultants have specified and overseen the application of these products on commercial, mixed-use, and residential projects across the Western U.S. The outstanding quality of each component, as well as the intercompatibility of their products, creates a sensible choice for our weather barrier, flashing, and sealant needs,” said Alliance’s Gollier.

About the Project Team

Dustrud Architecture’s projects have been recognized as energy efficiency leaders: In 2012, The Westgate received the first Platinum LEED certification for homes in the entire Pacific Northwest. The Pearl, another Dustrud project, garnered LEED Gold certification.

Essex General Construction is a member of U.S. Green Building Council and Cascadia Green Building Council. Six Essex staff members are LEED AP. All receive training in sustainable practices. Founded in 1987 as a commercial general contractor in Eugene, Essex has grown, constructing commercial buildings throughout Western Oregon and Western Washington.

 Founded in 2012, Alliance Project Engineers and Construction Consultants have worked on hundreds of building envelope projects, serving homeowners, HOAs, architects, and contractors. From the outside—cladding, windows, doors, sealants, moisture barriers, foundations, etc.—to the inside—indoor air quality, structural integrity, etc.—Alliance staff will observe, analyze, interpret, and redesign problematic elements of your building, common or unique.  

Job Site Notes


Location: The Patterson, Eugene, Ore.

Architects: Dustrud Architecture

General Contractor: Essex General Construction

Design Team: Alliance Project Engineers & Construction Consultants