At the $5.5 billion ‘Downtown Doha’ development in Qatar, Grace Construction Products’ Preprufe waterproofing membrane has been specified to provide a proven, practical and reliable waterproofing solution.

Said to be ‘the world’s first sustainable downtown regeneration project’ and designed and built by Msheireb Properties, the country’s leading sustainable developer, the 76 acre development aims to blend traditional Qatari heritage with modern, sustainable technologies. Preprufe offered the perfect waterproofing system—combining outstanding watertightness, low environmental impact and long term performance with a fast, simple application in temperatures regularly topping 40 degrees Celsius.

Starting on site in 2010, approximately 300,000m2 of Preprufe 300R waterproofing membrane has been applied to prevent water penetration and migration around the development’s extensive substructures. With the final phases of construction set to commence in 2013, Grace will complete the application of over 600,000m2 of Preprufe 300R to keep the landmark project watertight and on course for its 2016 completion date.

Designed with synthetic adhesive layers combined with a robust HDPE film, Preprufe provides a permanent physical barrier that will protect each structure against chloride and sulphate attack. Grace’s patented Advanced Bond Technology enables concrete to aggressively adhere to Preprufe, forming a unique intimate seal to prevent any water migration between the waterproofing and the structure and substantially reduce the risk of leaks.

No other system on the market protects a substructure from the harmful effects of water, vapour and gas more effectively than Preprufe. It can be applied on wet substrates and is immediately trafficable after installation without protective layers, which makes for fast and easy application. When compared to traditional loose-laid PVC systems, Preprufe is more than five times quicker—with approximately 500m2 laid in one day compared to 60-100m2 of PVC over the same time period.

To complete the comprehensive application, Grace supplied 100,000m2 of Bituthene 8000 HC waterproofing membrane to deliver complete structural protection against the water table and aggressive ground conditions.

When complete, the project will comprise over 100 residential and commercial properties that reflect the culture and aspirations of the people of Qatar. Designed to generate less waste, deliver long term cost savings and minimise its own carbon footprint, Msheireb Downtown Doha will become an iconic landmark in Qatar – whilst benefitting from the proven, market leading performance of the Preprufe waterproofing solution from Grace.

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