National Gypsum Company, a leading supplier of gypsum wallboard, interior finishing products and cement board, named its Mt. Holly, N.C., wallboard facility as its Quality Plant of the Year for 2014. The plant shipped over 20,000 truckloads of wallboard and 500 railcars without a loading error. It has a percent defective rate of 0.004 percent.

The plant employs 85 associates, who produce a full range of National Gypsum’s wallboard products, including PURPLE eXP Sheathing and XP Gypsum Board, and both ½-inch High-Strength Lite, and classic weight drywall.

National Gypsum judges its plants on five factors: percent defective board per 1000 feet shipped; the annual quality audit; percent of orders with a service problem; breadth of product mix; and process improvement and innovation.

Plant Manager Steve Lepage accepted the award for associates at ceremonies earlier this month. Mt Holly