American Tin Ceilings announced the addition of Acoustical Performance Panels to the company's product offerings. These beautifully textured micro-perforated panels increase the quality of room ambiance by significantlyreducing room echo and noise pollution; a concern in hospitality, bar, and restaurant new builds and renovations.

While traditional acoustic panels offer minimal aesthetic value, Acoustical Performance Panels are available in more than 35 classic and modern patterns in over 50 colors. This robust selection satisfies designers, contractors, and building owners alike by significantly improving room ambiance with the unique textures and timeless beauty of a tin ceiling.

American Tin Ceilings’ Acoustical Performance Panels have .0028-inch (0.7MM) micro-perforations, allowing sound to pass through the panel. When backed with a fiberglass pad, this achieves a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.85; this means the acoustical panels absorb 85 percent of sound striking the ceiling. Acoustical Performance Panels are available in a 2 feet by 2 feet Drop-In format and stamped to fit into a standard 15/16-inch grid.

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