To support the mission of increasing awareness of drywall art, the Trim-Tex website recently underwent updates. Trim-Tex believes Drywall Art is the most transformative and creative aspect of the interior finishing industry and strives to create a website that is a resource for professionals in the field. To support this mission, the Drywall Art and Training section of the Trim-Tex website was reorganized and includes new features and up-to-date information.

Drywall Art & Gallery

The Drywall Art & Gallery section of the website was changed to easily separate the Drywall Art Gallery, the current Drywall Artist of the Year Contest as well as the Previous Drywall Artist of the Year Winners.

The Drywall Art Gallery is a place to visit to become inspired. Photos in the gallery visually showcase a plethora of ways to use Trim-Tex products in both residential and commercial settings. The albums in the Drywall Art Gallery are clearly categorized by rooms, products and past work from Drywall Artist of the Year Winners.

The entry form for the 2015 Drywall Artist of the Year Contest is also found within the Drywall Art & Gallery section on the Trim-Tex website. The online entry form only requires contact information and pictures of the drywall work, making it easier than ever to enter to win over $2000 in prizes and be named the 10th Annual Drywall Artist of the Year.


The training pages on our website highlights the Trim-Tex Design and Training Center. The most important update on these pages is the Contractor Training registration. Trim-Tex offers a free course to anyone that is interested in learning to work with Trim-Tex products. In this course, participants are taught a variety of corner bead installation techniques and drywall art skills. The updated website allows interested persons to register for the training course online.

Visit our website at to discover the newly updated pages for yourself!