Submittals are an essential part of business for many contractors. Unfortunately they can also be a time consuming part of the job and a source of confusion. In an effort to streamline the submittal gathering process, Trim-Tex recently added a new submittal builder feature on their website.

The submittal builder can be found under the Submittal tab on the product page of some of the most popular Trim-Tex products. After clicking on the Customize Submittal button, users are able to select the exact type and size of the product needed for the submittal sheet. The tool then populates a custom submittal sheet based on the selected options. The submittal builder will even automatically fill in the job name, contractor name and date on the submittal.

The submittal builder tool is available for these Trim-Tex products: Bumper Bead Guard, Splayed Bumper Guard, Architectural Reveal Bead, Reveal Bead, Architectural Z Shadow Bead, Architectural F Reveal Bead, Tear Away L Bead, J Bead and L Bead.

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