Owens Corning unveils a new mobile app that puts the power of a thermal vision home energy audit into the hands of homeowners, contractors and remodelers. The free, user-friendly Owens Corning Comfort Tracker app can be combined with the FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera technology, made by FLIR Systems, for added sophistication in detecting anomalies in heat signatures that indicate air and thermal leakage areas in the home.


According to North American Insulation Manufacturers Association, more than 90 percent of U.S. homes are under-insulated resulting in lost energy efficiency, increased heating and cooling costs, and uncomfortable homes. With winter approaching, the Owens Corning Comfort Tracker app now enables contractors and DIY homeowners to turn their iPhone, iPad or Android devices into a tool that can help improve the home’s energy performance throughout the year.


“Designed with both homeowners and contractors in mind, the Owens Corning Comfort Tracker quickly identifies, prioritizes and addresses air and thermal leakage sources that if left unchecked can lead to increased heating and cooling bills and decreased comfort,” said Nathan Walker, vice president, National Accounts, Owens Corning. “The introduction of this mobile application demonstrates Owens Corning’s industry-leading commitment to providing accessible building-science driven resources and solutions for our customers to achieve comfortable, energy-efficient homes.”


“It’s exciting to see other companies utilize the power of the FLIR One platform and its thermal imaging technology in new and innovative ways,” said Travis Merrill, chief marketing officer at FLIR. “Our work together with Owens Corning is a shining example of how thermal imaging can help consumers explore the world around them and improve energy efficiency.”


Following a brief tutorial, users can quickly conduct the home energy assessment by capturing photos of locations within the home most prone to air and thermal leakage issues. A home assessment report is then generated detailing geographically tailored product and retailer recommendations based on building codes by climate zones. For added functionality, professional contractors and remodelers can co-brand the email-friendly PDF home energy assessment report with a company logo and information.


The app is available for download from the Apple App Store and became available on the Android Market on September 30, 2015. The FLIR One thermal camera for iPhones and Android can be purchased from FLIR