Trim-Tex Flat Tear Away, Tear Away L Bead, and Fast Cap are all currently being installed at US Bank Stadium, the new home of the Minnesota Vikings. Once completed, the $1.027 billion project will seat about 65,000 and features the largest transparent roof in the nation.

Trim-Tex Tear Away and Fast Cap are being used in the new stadium to efficiently finish drywall edges. Trim-Tex Tear Away products finish rough drywall edges. Flat Tear Away is most commonly used to create a finished edge where drywall terminates at building components such as windows and doors. Fast Cap eliminates the need for the drywall face and two corner beads when finishing doorways.

HKS is the architect for US Bank Stadium. Mortenson Construction is the general contractor and Custom Drywall is performing the drywall work at the stadium.

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