The Firestop Contractors International Association collaborated with ASHE, The Joint Commission and UL to build the 1.5 day Barrier Management Symposium now offered at ASHE Regions. Not so coincidentally, TJC has stated that they've seen a reduction in the number of violations discovered since the symposiums started.
This program is an abbreviated version of the Barrier Management Symposium with key DIIM elements covered. Some things that will be covered include:
What are barriers? (Code, D-Design)
How are they tested for healthcare use? (Product and Systems D-Designs)
What are questions the ASHE Member Facility Engineer needs to know before interviewing for installation contractors? (I-Installation)
How does inspection work? (I-Inspection)
How do we keep barriers protected for the building's life cycle? (Maintenance & Management)
This two-hour session answers the many questions about barriers and their openings (Doors, Dampers, Glazing), Penetrations and Joints (Firestopping), as well as an overview of the barriers. Session attendees can use this knowledge to begin a Barrier Management Program at their facility, and then will be able to supplement this knowledge with future attendance at the ASHE/FCIA/TJC/UL Barrier Management Symposiums.
For information, call (708) 202-1108 or email