The future of any industry is only as strong as the individuals who are just beginning in it. Strong leadership from established professionals will help to carry an industry only so far.  At a certain point, the future of the industry rests on the shoulders of the new crop of hungry and talented recruits. In order to preserve the industry, then, all must look to equip the future of the industry with as much knowledge and preparation as possible before opening the doors to their future.
Held annually at the FCIA Firestop Industry Conference & Trade Show (FIC) to honor the memories of two integral industry pioneers, the Ray Usher Memorial Golf Outing raises money to fund the Bob LeClair Memorial Scholarship. This year, FCIA is proud to award two scholarships to two deserving Fire Protection Engineering students who have both displayed a strong commitment to the industry and the betterment of it.
This year's deserving recipients will surely be names to watch for in the future. They are intelligent and hardworking and are sure to help change the future of the industry with their peers.