With 14 volunteers and 128 hours, USGBS Minnesota devoted their own energy to partner with Carbon Zero Home, a nonprofit that transforms dysfunctional, energy-wasting homes into smart, efficient solutions to the climate problem. Volunteers from BASF Corp. assisted USGBC Minnesota with waterproofing and sealing a home to make it more energy-efficient.


USGBC Minnesota runs the Dynamic Green Home Project, a program that helps place and manage volunteers who learn about green building techniques and products and helps install them on a home. Volunteers leave with the knowledge and skills to make upgrades and changes on their own homes. 


In 2016, they partnered with the Carbon Zero Home to combat the many problems our climate faces and offer affordable housing.


In addition to learning about the home’s super-insulation techniques and solar installation, volunteers used several of BASF’s Master Builders Solutions products to renovate the house and garage. 


BASF volunteers worked hard waterproofing the home’s basement foundation using MasterSeal 581 cement-based coating. Volunteers sealed the windows and siding with MasterSeal NP 100 sealant to prevent water and air intrusion and to ensure that the super-insulated home will not lose energy. Volunteers applied MasterKure CC 180WB curing, sealing and dust-proofing compound to seal and protect the garage floor. 


You can see other photos of the day's activities with BASF Corp. and USGBS Minnesota  and also follow the progress of the home renovation!