For over twenty-four years, Olde World Stone and Tile Molds, Inc. has helped inexperienced people and entrepreneurs learn to cast their own concrete stone products and save money through their The Mold Store websites. Do-it-yourselfers learn to make stone veneer, tile, bricks, pavers, and other concrete building products like cobblestones and steppingstones using molds and concrete.  
Free instructions on how to make, finish, and install the products made with these inexpensive molds are available with each mold purchase and on their Training website.  
No special equipment, knowledge, or location is needed. A garage, barn or basement works fine.  On their Free Instructions website, you'll learn to use concrete stone molds, concrete stains, colorants, sealers, additives, and other supplies used by professionals to make custom man-made stone, pavers, brick veneer and tile. And there are hundreds of different styles and sizes of molds available at their on-line company E-Store Shopping Cart website.
The use of do-it-yourself stone veneer, brick, tile, pavers and other custom concrete products is a hot decorating trend. Stone can be very expensive when purchased at retail! But now, these products can be made in custom colors or color combinations, and in stone styles like Fieldstone, River Rock, Castle Stone, Ledgestone, Limestone and Stackstone. Other garden and home improvement concrete products can be created at home for pennies as well.
Olde World customers make their own stone... right at home. The raw materials to make a square foot of stone cost from 28 to 65 cents, depending on the thickness desired. One wonders why anyone would be willing to pay $5.00-$10.00 or more at retail for cast stone in limited colors and designs. According to John Panagos, Olde World's founder and CEO, "with the free Instructions and support we provide, almost anyone can make and install their own professional looking, custom-colored stone veneer, tile and other cast concrete products in their spare time."
Most of the stone pictured on The Mold Store websites was made by customers who had never worked with concrete or molds before.  According to John, some have started their own businesses as a result of their experience.
From the professional builder, remodeler, contractor, landscaper and gardener... to the new handyman, handy woman, do-it-yourselfer, homeowner, or crafts person--- Men and women from all walks of life, many with little or no hands-on skills, are making their own concrete and plaster stone, bricks, pavers, and tile with molds, guidance, and the on-going support provided by Olde World Stone and Tile Molds and