With a woman at its helm, NYR. is approaching the market from a “woman’s perspective”, including eye to detail, design focus, environmental consciousness and delivery, in addition to the industry standard construction attributes.

NYR. Facade, the innovative facade company around principal Monique DeLacroix, just announced that the firm will open an office in Bahrain by the end of 2016.
According to The Report: Bahrain 2016, the Bahrain construction sector is booming, with an overall 2015 first quarter growth of 7.5 percent.
NYR. Facade, the company behind such imaginative “Windows and Faces to the World”, as 133 Greenwich Street in New York, the World Trade Center Marriott, designed by Danny Forster Design Studio, will bring their expertise for facade design, implementation, construction and execution to Bahrain and the Middle East.
The new office will help NYR. Facade to not only reach out to new clients but also enhance their service to existing clients. One of the main features the NYR Bahrain office will offer is the extensive expertise NYR brings in LEED and sustainable building practices to achieve energy efficiency in façade design and construction.
"NYR. Facade is looking for a strong presence in Bahrain and beyond. With the construction outlook being very positive in Persian Gulf Region, NYR plans to expand its services and presence gradually," says Monique DeLacroix, principal of NYR. Facade. "This step is another testament to NYR. Facade’s constant growth and market developments plans.”