NYR. Facade, the state-of-the-art facade company, behind talked about projects such as the spectacular World Trade Center Marriott Project at 133 Greenwich Street in New York, has released a brand-new, stunning company brochure and video, showcasing NYR. Facade’s philosophy, company services and project works.

Brochure and video are emphasizing on the aesthetics of modern, innovative, state- of the art facade design and how a facade can relate to the urban environment and influences the relationship within and to a cityscape.

Both, video and brochure are great examples in showing how NYR. Facade facilitates the design ideas of architects and builders, while bringing them into reality of engineering content and actual construction.

The impressive, multi-page brochure leads the reader and potential client through the various stages of modern facade design, showcases several projects, and introduces the experienced team members of NYR. Facade.

The brochure is available in print and digital version by emailing: Monique@nyrfacade.com.

“One of our main objectives is adding beauty and sustainability to each project," said Principal Monique DeLacroix. "We are committed to every one of our client’s projects, as we build the client’s property as it were our own; the façade we built becomes their window to the world.”