A building products company is only as strong as the products it sells. CertainTeed Gypsum has cemented its position as an unbending force in the wallboard market with a new line up of high-performance drywall corner solutions. The product line benefits industry professionals and end-users, with superior aesthetics, durability and installation efficiency ideal for both residential and commercial building applications.
Following the acquisition of industry-leading Structus Building Technologies in 2015, CertainTeed has taken the best of that company’s innovative, high-performance drywall corner solutions — No-Coat Structural Laminate (SLAM) and Levelline — and wrapped them under the CertainTeed brand name. Along with proven performer and CertainTeed branded AquaBead, they form a world-class, technically superior line of products that provide faster drywall corner installation and bottom line savings in labor, while eliminating costly drywall repairs. The corner products include:
  • A full line of corner profiles and lengths, including pre-cut stick and roll products that offer a complete drywall corner trim system for every job.
  • A complete tool line-up of rollers and hoppers, which make drywall corner installations more accurate, faster and easier.
  • An automatic corner system that produces corners cut to length, with mud applied in seconds. This saves labor and boosts job site efficiency.
“Corner beads are notorious for causing expensive callbacks from denting, chipping, rusting cracking and peeling,” said Dave Engelhardt, president of CertainTeed Gypsum. “No-Coat, AquaBead and Levelline offer a radical departure from the traditional metal corner bead, which has been the go-to solution for drywall contractors over the past 80 years.”
The additions to the CertainTeed Gypsum corner product line includes unique and inherent benefits for residential and commercial projects:
No-Coat Structural Laminate (SLAM)
Featuring a tapered structural laminate design and SLAM Technology, No-Coat is a breakthrough in drywall corner finishing with rolls and sticks that are faster and easier to install than any other technology. It has the added benefit of a laminated copolymer core capable of withstanding severe impacts and edge cracking. The technology integrates three key components critical to corner protection – strength, durability and flexibility.
Water-activated adhesive AquaBead offers fast installation and outstanding performance. An easy-to-apply, water activated adhesive drywall corner that won’t blister, bubble or edge crack, it can be coated with compound 30 minutes after initial installation, speeding up the application process by at least a day. AquaBead features superior bonding, requires no nails, compound or spray glue, and is lightweight, strong and impact resistant.
A flexible roll ideal for off-angle applications, Levelline offers both short and long runs with a flange that coves gaps and poor framing. A built-in flexible hinge fits any inside or outside corner angle to create crisp, straight lines. Levelline is both crack and impact resistant.
No-Coat, and Levelline join AquaBead and a broad range of drywall and finishing products for interior and exterior needs from CertainTeed Gypsum. For more information, visit www.certainteed.com/drywall.