Lightweight Veneer Texture

Echelon Masonry/Oldcastle Architectural

The Westpeak texture to the Artisan Lightweight Veneer family was recently released, as well as the recently launched Kensley Stone, and Hillcrest Stone Lightweight Veneers. The series, available in color choices of Onyx (a dark grey hue), Magnolia (a lighter white), or Wheat (a medium tan) is the latest addition to Echelon’s Artisan Lightweight Veneer portfolio. All three styles are manufactured with Echelon’s patented, revolutionary dry-cast system, which creates a natural stone look with integrated color throughout the entire depth of each masonry unit. For more information, visit


Baffle Systems


Comprised of sustainable material—highly sound absorbing acoustical design solution made from recycled plastic bottles—the EchoSky baffle systems are flexibly utilitarian to provide independent ambient noise absorption, or complement other EchoPanel sound controlling panels, tiles, partitions and systems. In addition to providing architects and designers with a creative and modern means to design beautifully, Simple Baffle and EchoSky systems can address LEED certification criterion including: low-emitting material, rapidly renewable material and recycled content. For more information, visit


Structural Architectural Binder

Plastic Components

The company’s new, updated Architectural Binder is now available on the company’s website. This full color document contains new and improved products, with new sizes, specifications, test data, photos and drawings. For more information, visit or email


Integrated Gypsum Sheathing


The Securock ExoAir 430 System is an integrated gypsum sheathing panel with a factory-applied fluid air-barrier membrane. The panel brings two technologies together: the company’s Securock Brand Glass-Mat Sheathing and Tremco’s fluid applied air/water barrier membrane into one panel that efficiently delivers an air barrier solution to the job site. The controlled application of this system eliminates issues that arise with field application, such as weather. Additionally, since the coating is applied to the wallboard in the factory, there is no need to wait to apply the air barrier onsite. For more information, visit


Formulated Joint Compound

Continental Building Products

The Rapid Deco Level 5 System helps ensure a Level 5 finish in less time than traditional methods. Comprising the company’s factory-applied skim-coated Bison Board drywall and complementary joint compound, the product takes the guesswork out of on-site applications by incorporating skim coating as part of temperature-controlled, industrial production. The joint compound is specially formulated to match the skim coat. Because the system requires very little time to refine the surface with joint compound after installation, it offers significant savings in comparison to Level 5 projects for which the skim coat is hand- or spray-applied in the field. For more information, visit


Stainless Steel Cope

Scribemaster Ltd.

The Scribe-Master Cope-Pro is perfect for fast, efficient and accurate cutting of baseboard, chair rail profiles and more. It has a series of stainless steel combs set out in series to form a profile copier (each 0.2 inches thick) and with the included tool, the combs are individually pushed into a sample work piece and locked into place, giving a negative copy profile. The comb assembly is then turned over and, using a 1/4- or 1/2-inch router and a copy pin, the user follows the negative copy contour allowing the router to cut a perfect cope. It can cope any shape of baseboard or chair rail in just seconds, is adjustable for out-of-plumb walls, and cuts both left and right hand copes once set up. It also makes easy work of joints, such as tenon, dado, half and lap, to name a few, with an accessory sold separately. For more information, visit


Sheathing Barrier System

PROSOCO Inc./G-P Gypsum

The DensElement is a new, patent-pending sheathing barrier system that integrates a water-resistive and air barrier within the gypsum core through AquaKOR Technology. The system comprises three GP-approved system components: DensElement Sheathing, PROSOCO R-Guard FastFlash liquid flashing to fill and seal joints, fasteners, and other penetrations, and PROSOCO PorousPrep water-based primer to prime exposed gypsum edges. As a system solution, the barrier system eliminates the need to apply other water or air barriers that cover or coat the entire wall. The product removes an entire step in the typical weatherization process for commercial buildings, significantly reducing the time it takes to install exterior walls and the water-resistive and air barrier. For more information, visit