Steel Framing Connector

The Steel Network

DriftTrak Headed Stud saves the time of installing DriftTrak after the slab has been poured by integrating it directly into the slab before its poured. The headed studs come pre-installed to the DriftTrak and function as the attachment to the slab instead of welding to the pour stop or use of PAFs. Once concrete is poured, the product is ready to support steel framing using any DriftTrak Bypass clip to accommodate vertical deflection and lateral drift requirements in floor slab bypass conditions. As with the standard, the new Headed Stud can also be used to better facilitate panel installation by attaching DriftTrak Bypass clips to the panel and sliding the panel onto the DriftTrak during installation. Vertical deflection and drift movement can be left intact or a locking angle can be installed to prevent lateral drift if not required. For more information, visit


High Performing Ceiling Solution

CertainTeed Ceilings

Optimized for unique environments, Rx Symphony comes with top-of-the-line sound absorption and sound blocking. Offering exceptional acoustic maneuverability, ceilings play a large role in the movement of sound. The ceilings are ideal for speech privacy and flexibility in acoustics performance. It enhances natural light reflection to make the most of conventional lighting. The product complements and tailors to existing design visuals; created to match the specific project. The Rx Symphony series has recently been featured in a variety of commercial buildings, including Texas A&M, and related products have been featured in buildings for Southwest Airlines and schools across the nation. For more information, visit


Expanded Line of Trims and Flashing

ATAS International Inc.

Trims and flashing are often the most critical elements of metal roof, wall and soffit installations. They provide weather resistance of the installed system, as well as aesthetic value of the finished building. ATAS can now provide solutions that address both of those elements, in addition to resulting in a quicker installation, which can help to control costs. Common problems that occur in metal panel trim and flashing installation include maintaining the correct overlap distances. As well, heavier gauges and multiple bends or complex shapes may make field notching extremely difficult. The quality of workmanship in creating trims and flashings in the field are not controlled as easily as compared to factory fabrication, and the time to perform this operation in the field is typically longer. ATAS trims and flashing are highly engineered, consistent dimensionally and provide a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing final installation. As well, the use of these components eliminates unknown field costs and results in a more efficient installation, which saves the contractor time and money. For more information, visit .


Wireless Speaker Set


This two-piece set contains one P760 Primary Wireless Speaker and one P761 Secondary Wireless Speaker. By connecting your Bluetooth device first to a Primary Speaker, you now have the ability to connect up to four additional Primary or Secondary Speakers instantly using SKAA technology. Each speaker features a high-quality driver and passive radiator, so you will always receive clear, robust sound. With up to 150 feet of SKAA range, these speakers can be placed virtually anywhere in the home or on the job site and stream through your walls and floors. Control volume levels easily with independent volume control on every speaker, or control each volume level simultaneously right from your mobile device. The P760 Primary Speaker also features an FM tuner, as well as an integrated auxiliary port for direct connection. For more information, visit