SOPREMA, a leading manufacturer of roofing, waterproofing, wall protection and civil engineering solutions, has expanded its Gulfport, Miss. manufacturing facility in an effort to increase product offerings and expedite production. The expansion comes as a solution to continued growth that the Gulfport operations team has experienced since its establishment in 2008 and will further accelerate service to the market.
The Gulfport facility recently completed a 21,250-square-foot addition, located on SOPREMA’s campus which encompasses manufacturing, product testing, distribution and a training facility. The expansion will be used for both additional product offering and warehouse of product and materials in various stages of the production process.
“The expansion is an opportunity to continue to support the SOPREMA growth initiatives as our business grows,” said Kent Furcron, Gulfport plant manager, SOPREMA. “We are proud that our facility is now able to produce more product, quicker, and provide additional jobs in the region.”
Construction was completed in late May on the Gulfport facility.
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