The Tiny House movement shows no signs of slowing down and CertainTeed, one of North America’s largest brands of building products, has joined the trend to “go small” by helping create an architect’s dream home: a 150-square-foot trailer-mounted dwelling affectionately nicknamed Lil’ Lodge. This unique portable home features the latest technologies in commercial building materials. 
A brother-sister design-build team has taken on the challenge of building a tiny house that is affordable, high-tech, meets regulations, and uses high-quality products–quite the big order for such a small home. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, Tracey Powell is an architectural consultant whose work takes her all over the country and her brother Trever Powell is a commercial electrician. The peripatetic lifestyle fueled a decision to downsize and build a small but feature-packed house that could be towed around and lived in as she travels from project to project. CertainTeed wall, ceiling and insulation systems met unique requirements for a go-anywhere house on wheels.
“The challenge was finding products that would work within the confines of the space while meeting the need for outstanding performance,” said Powell. “I’ve worked as an architect for more than ten years and have specified CertainTeed products on many different projects. I’m extremely familiar with and comfortable with the brand.”
Project Principles:
  • Safety – This tiny house strives to meet residential codes and regulations including building, energy, fire, life safety, security, and transportation.
  • Sustainability – Products are being mindfully specified for high energy efficiency and low environmental impact.
  • Durability – Materials are long-lasting, low-maintenance, and designed to withstand vibration and high winds during transport.
  • Functionality – Building elements are compact, lightweight, and serve multiple purposes — beautiful but not purely decorative.
  • Technology – The design integrates numerous high-end high-tech innovations, many not found in full-size home
 CertainTeed products used on the Tiny House include:
  • GlasRoc Sheathing – The fire-resistance properties enabled Powell to meet strict fire safety standards, while the weather-resistant gypsum sheathing’s light weight helped keep Lil’ Lodge under the 14,000-pound limit for a mobile structure.
  • AirRenew Extreme Abuse Indoor Air Quality Gypsum Board – Proprietary technology captures formaldehyde often found in indoor air, transforming it into inert compounds that are retained within the board. It is also engineered for areas prone to surface abrasion and indentation, a key consideration for a house on wheels that must contend with bumpy roads outside and stray elbows inside.
  • No Coat Structural Laminate Drywall Corner System – The industry’s only structural laminate (SLAM) drywall corner system provides superior strength and durability; it will not crack, dent or chip.
  • FibaFuse Paperless Drywall Tape – A paperless glass mat drywall tape that is the ideal complement to AirRenew gypsum board; both products also offer mold resistance.
  • Ecophon Ceiling Panels – Fiberglass panels that combine outstanding acoustic performance with a strong sustainability profile: significant recycled glass content and a renewable plant-based binder.
  • CertaSpray Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation – Delivering high R-Value, enhanced moisture management and sound control, the lightweight insulation was a perfect fit for the weight-conscious project.
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