A precast concrete Superior Walls Xi Plus foundation has been installed as the starting step for the Net Zero House in Jamestown, Rhode Island created by Sweenor Builders for This Old House. The energy-efficient wall panel system will be featured on episode #3802 the week of October 11, 2018. (Check local station listings at https://www.thisoldhouse.com/tvfinder.)


“We’re pleased to once again be supplying one of our energy-efficient foundations to another TV show project for This Old House,” says Jim Costello, president of Superior Walls. “In construction, the foundation selection is critical. The choice of the Xi Plus concrete foundation will help make the basement of this home addition a more comfortable area for extended living and storage space.”


The team at This Old House headed to a century-old New England cottage in Jamestown, R.I., to restore the home's charm while also making it energy efficient. Homeowners Dana and Donald Powers have a net-zero energy goal for the new home for their family of four, with state-of-the-art energy efficiency and environmental sensitivity at top of mind.


The Xi Plus walls from Superior Walls fit perfectly with the goal of creating an energy efficient home. As opposed to concrete blocks or poured concrete, precast Xi Plus concrete panels from Superior Walls are created in the manufacturing process with Dow Thermax insulation covering rigid foam insulation. The panels are available with a built-in insulation value of R-21.3 and can be insulated up to R-42+.


The wall panels used in the project provide R-values that meet or exceed energy conservation values from both the IECC and the IRC, and the Xi Plus wall panels can help in the construction of an Energy Star qualified home. The Superior Walls Xi Plus wall panels in the Power’s home have achieved the NGBS Green Certified Product designation provided by Home Innovation Research Labs.


The precast concrete panels were custom manufactured off site in indoor production facilities at Superior Walls by Weaver Precast. This eliminated any on-site soil contamination, such as the form oil used for poured concrete walls.


“We’re exceptionally pleased that This Old House host Kevin O’Connor was able to visit our facilities to see how our precast concrete panels are manufactured,” says Costello. “His tour of the plant will be included in episode #3802 so that fans of the show can also see the manufacturing process for our panels.”


The Net Zero House was constructed by Sweenor Builders, Inc. and is being featured in the 40th season of the popular PBS show.