Mortar Net Solutions, the leading supplier of innovative moisture management solutions for masonry walls, is proud to announce that Steven Fechino, engineering and construction manager at Mortar Net Solutions, was inducted into the National Masonry Instructors Association (NMIA) Hall of Fame as the Industry Member. Robert Campbell was inducted as the Instructor Member.

The NMIA works to promote the professionalism of the masonry trade and help provide quality masonry programs and training for anyone interested in becoming a mason. It helps in the unification of masonry programs and works to improve curriculums and training methods. It seeks to help recruit new masons and to provide them with the high quality training they need to work in the trades as respected craftspeople.

Steven Fechino has been involved in the masonry industry for over 30 years. He is dedicated to bringing young people into the masonry industry and to helping train them to become expert masons.

“Steven’s long-term commitment to masonry and specifically his work as an educator, mentor and example is well known and makes him very deserving of this honor,” said Gary Johnson, president at Mortar Net Solutions. “His induction into the NMIA Hall of Fame is a testament to his influence in the masonry industry and the respect he has earned as a result of sharing his expertise with others.”