Mortar Net Solutions, a supplier of moisture management solutions for masonry walls, presented scholarships to benefit four masonry students at the National Masonry Instructors Association’s (NMIA) Annual Conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This year’s conference marked the 30th Anniversary for the organization. The following students were awarded scholarships by Mortar Net Solutions:

Sean Hicks, Center of Applied Technology North, Severn, Maryland

Jan Pelaez-Garcia, John F. Kennedy High School, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Joseph Presley, Carvers Bay High School, Hemingway, South Carolina

Michael Vaughn-Sims, Wallace Community College, Salem, Alabama

Mortar Net Solutions worked with masonry instructors across the country, as well as the NMIA, to select which students would benefit the most from the scholarship. The scholarships were presented to the students’ instructors by Mortar Net Solutions’ Steven Fechino. In addition to the scholarships, the recipients each received tool bags to help them as they work through their education and apprenticeships.

“I am proud to help these students discover the tradition of working in masonry and to work with the NMIA,” said Steven Fechino, Engineering and Construction Manager at Mortar Net Solutions. “I greatly support the work they’ve done for this industry over the past 30 years. We hope to provide more scholarships in the near future as a means to allow students a chance at an opportunity to learn the craft.”