Smooth-On, Inc. has acquired the Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products Co. from Delta Performance Products in Covington, GA. effective Dec. 5, 2016.

Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products produces a variety of concrete bag mixes and admixtures used by industry and DIY artisans. Included in the acquisition are the BlueConcrete line of concrete products and the Buddy Rhodes Color Spectrum including “The Signature Color Series”, “Custom Color” and “Pure Pigments”. Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products will also continue to offer cements, CSA, pozzolans, shrinkage reducers, set delay, fibers, polymer, sealers, tools and other related products through its dealer network around the world.
Buddy Rhodes, Jon Schuler and Jeremy French, who have been key contributors to the success of the Buddy Rhodes brand over the last several years, will continue working with Smooth-On to develop and move the brand forward. Smooth-On’s Ernie Dojack has been designated brand manager.

Ernie Dojack states, “Smooth-On sees tremendous synergy in acquiring Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products. We have been making dry blend formulations across different chemistries since 1895 and will integrate the Buddy Rhodes line of dry blend concrete products into our new facility”. Smooth-On moved into a new 370,000 square foot facility in 2015 and will dedicate an entire wing of its production facility to producing Buddy Rhodes products. 
In addition to continuing to support artisans around the world that offer training on using Buddy Rhodes products, Smooth-On will offer Buddy Rhodes product training at its dedicated 18,000 square foot dedicated seminar space.
For further information, contact Smooth-On at (610) 252-5800.