IBS brings together the building industry’s most important global manufacturers and suppliers to showcase the latest products, materials, and technologies. Explore 550,000 net square feet of exhibits with more than 1,400 manufacturers and suppliers of the latest, most in-demand products and services. 

This year, Trim-Tex will team up with Archways & Ceilings to bring you a bigger and better trade show experience! Leading the industry in building outside the box, turning plain into classy, and bringing the “craft” back to craftsmanship, we will show you how to take your framing game into the rounder dimensions and turn drywall into art with inexpensive upgrades and unlimited potential.  
Trim-Tex and Archways & Ceilings connected booths will walk you through the first nail in a stud to the last swipe of mud. See how easy it is to go from boring square walls to skillful archways in any architectural style using Archway & Ceilings’ low-cost framing kits. Finish those archways with Trim-Tex vinyl beads – the most durable, innovative finishing beads on the market – and you’ll find the perfect combination of structure and sculpture.  
Both Trim-Tex and Archways & Ceilings are proud manufacturers of products Made in the USA.