Lock-in Accessories


Ideal for trim painting and other painting tasks around the house or job site, the AC27-P Lock-In Paint Cup features a built in magnet to secure a paintbrush and can hold up to one quart of paint. Werner developed the Lock-In-System to feature accessories that “lock-in” to the Holster Top of specially designed stepladders to provide a more efficient way of keeping all tools, supplies and materials close at hand. These innovative accessories increase overall productivity while ensuring safety by protecting your tools and limiting multiple trips up the ladder. These accessories are available through national retailers and distributors. For more information, visit wernerco.com.


Fall Arrest Bar


The Genie Fall Arrest Bar, a safety accessory, for ANSI and CSA boom lifts and quickly attaches to a 6-foot platform on many 40-foot Genie S telescopic boom lifts and 45-foot Genie Z articulating boom lifts and higher. The accessory allows a user to exit the platform and work comfortably around the outside of the platform. A smooth, sliding, horizontal track design allows the operator to tie off and move freely outside the platform using a 6-foot shock-absorbing lanyard. The yellow, identifiable bar attaches quickly and easily for fast setup and removal. For information, visit genielift.com.


Detachable Self-rescue Harness


The DBI-SALA Self-Rescue is a detachable self-rescue device. The device easily connects to a worker’s current safety harness, providing a fast, effective method of escape from suspension, while minimizing risk for the wearer, coworkers and rescue personnel. Self-Rescue features a patent-pending EZ-Link D-ring to simplify connection, a secondary rescue ring for assisted rescue, and a sealed, padded package to protect the descent device from damage during use. In an effort to ensure reliable performance in the field, Self-Rescue has gone through rigorous testing. The sealed design allows the product to perform as expected after it has been soaked in water for two hours and frozen in temperatures of negative 40 degrees Celsius. With 50- or 100-foot versions available, the self-rescue device is among the most flexible and adaptable ever created. For more information, visit selfrsq.com.


Electric Scissor Lift


The 1932R electric scissor lift is an affordably priced addition to JLG’s scissor line. Designed with low total cost of ownership in mind, the 1932R offers serviceability, reliability, and durability. The lift features best-in-class service access via all-steel swing-out component trays featuring a layout that optimizes serviceability by providing technicians plenty of room to inspect and work effectively on accessible components. It has an easier low-maintenance active pothole protection system with fewer moving parts. The pothole protection system boosts reliability, as it is mounted to the frame instead of the doors, allowing the system to still work if the doors are out of alignment. The machine’s all-steel platform, steel component doors, and thicker rubber tires help provide durability. For more information, visit jlg.com.