It is time to turn in your nominations for the NWCB's 2017 Outstanding Project of the Year Awards. You can nominate wall and ceiling projects in the following categories: 

I. Interior
A. Residential (single family or multifamily)
B. Commercial
II. Exterior
A. Residential (single family or multifamily)
B. Commercial
III. Suspended Ceiling (acoustical)
IV. Light-Gauge Steel Framing
V. Renovation/Restoration

How to Nominate a Project
Fill out a nomination form and submit it with high-quality photos and attach a description on the project. All of these components are critical as the winning entries will be featured in print and online media. All nominations must be submitted to the NWCB office in Seattle by Friday, Jan. 27. The awards will be presented on May 4, 2017, at the Coeur d'Alene Resort, in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. 

The projects nominated must have been completed in the past two years. Projects that have been previously nominated but not selected for an Outstanding Project of the Year Award by NWCB may be resubmitted. You must choose only one category for each project you are nominating. The wall and ceiling subcontractor on the job must be a member of the NWCB. Anyone can nominate a project. Download the nomination form for a full set of rules.

The purpose of this award program is to showcase the great work of the wall and ceiling industry and to recognize the individuals and companies for their contributions to excellence in construction. Get your nomination together now and get recognized for your role in producing outstanding wall and ceiling projects!