Enclosure Solutions

Owens Corning

The company’s Enclosure Solutions offers one of the industry’s largest portfolios of commercial insulation products for walls, roofs and below-grade foundations. This integrated solution gives you reliable performance, flexibility and peace of mind. And with the improved energy efficiency our system solutions provide, builders will enhance their reputation along with their buildings. Contact the company’s technical experts for design challenges including specification review, thermal calculations, product recommendations, and educational support. For more information, visit owenscorning.com/enclosure.


Ultra-thin Insulation Solution

R-50 Insulation Systems

Rich-E-Board is an ultra-thin insulation that delivers an R-value of 50 with a profile of just 1½ inches, offering a patented design alternative to a commercial construction industry challenged with meeting stringent standards for energy efficiency. The product consists of R-50’s proprietary Vacuum Insulated Panel sandwiched between two polymeric foam cover boards, and bound with adhesive ribbons. The insulation is cut to specification, and can be installed on most roof deck types, as well as in walls, ceilings and other applications. This design delivers significant advantages to architects, contractors, and building owners including lowered energy bills, simpler retrofits, reduced construction costs and design flexibility. For more information, visit R-50.com.


CI Exterior Insulation

Dow Building Solutions

Dow Building Solutions is announcing a new product attribute Thermax XArmor ci Exterior Insulation in North America. The offering boasts a strong embossed exterior foil facer and with Dow’s interactive design tool for commercial walls, architects will be able to create customizable exterior continuous insulation assemblies. Optimizing Thermax XArmor will:

  • Ease the design process of virtually any wall assembly in any commercial building type
  • Make it easier for architects to meet continuous insulation codes from IBC and ASHRAE for energy efficiency and pass fire tests from NFPA 285
  • Contributes to LEED points in the Material and Resources, Energy and Atmosphere and Indoor Environmental Quality sections

For more information,visit building.dow.com.


GPS Insulation


The company’s Platinum graphite polystyrene insulation is a new class of insulation made with BASF’s Neopor, a rigid foam that integrates high-purity graphite into the polymer matrix. Easily recognized by its silver/gray color, the product offers similar performance as XPS insulation, but is more affordable, and with stable long-term R-values and exceptional vapor permeability, making it a breathable insulation. The insulation will be available in a range of options, including InsulWall Platinum (un-faced) and R-Tech Platinum (faced). The family of products provides insulation suitable for a range of residential and commercial wall applications. For more information, visit insulfoam.com.


Moisture-managed Fiberglass Batts

CertainTeed Insulation

CertainTeed SmartBatt Insulation with MoistureSense Technology is the first kraft-faced fiberglass batt to pass ASTM E84 testing and receive a Class A Fire Rating. From basement walls to fireplace boxes, the insulation is one of the only products to block and breathe using a smart vapor retarder, helping manage moisture in the wall cavity and reducing the risk for mold and mildew growth. The product also goes beyond code performance as it achieved 1.65 ACH50 in a whole house blower door test when installed with tape providing exceptional air tightness that is required in many markets today. Visit certainteed.com/insulation for more information.


Thermal Performing CI System

Sto Corp.

StoTherm ci XPS is a fully-tested, highly energy-efficient continuous insulation system providing air and water tightness and long-lasting thermal performance and durability.  The system incorporates StoGuard fluid-applied air and moisture barrier and Dow Styrofoam Panel Core 20 Insulation, which provides strong thermal performance with an R-value of 5.0 per 1 inch.  This high-performance wall system helps lower energy costs and reduces the carbon footprint of buildings. The product offers various aesthetic choices due to a wide range of decorative and protective finishes available in many colors. For more information, visit stocorp.com.


Water-blown Closed-cell Insulation


ProSeal Eco is a 100-percent water-blown closed-cell spray foam insulation. With no synthetic blowing agent, the product is a smarter replacement for those seeking a more environmentally responsible option. The insulation has significantly expanded the possibilities of commercial wall assembly applications and can be sprayed at low temperatures (5 degrees Fahrenheit) allowing construction to continue on schedule. Learn more by visiting icynene.com.


Closed-cell Spray Foam


The company’s Heatlok HFO High Lift spray foam insulation is Demilec’s first product to be formulated with Honeywell’s Solstice Liquid Blowing Agent, a hydrofluoroolefin molecule that reduces its Global Warming Potential to 1 to 99.9 percent lower than the HFC blowing agents it replaces. The product benefits contractors by allowing up to four inches of foam to be applied in one pass, reducing the need for multiple passes to achieve the required R-values set by building codes. For more information, visit demilec.com.


Nonstructural Insulation System

Johns Manville

JM Corbond oc SPF is a two-component, low-density, nonstructural insulation system designed for commercial, residential and industrial applications. Its low-density nature allows for tremendous yield, while providing important air isolation, versatile R-values, excellent acoustical performance, and critical air sealing. The company offers a broad family of high-performance insulation solutions that meet a wide array of performance requirements and project budgets. For more information, visit jm.com.